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Successful Advisors from LIC

Meet the Top Ranking Advisors from LIC Family Who Opted LIC Agency As Their Career Option Who Have Been Very Successful In The Insurance & Financial Sector

Bharat Parekh

He sells around 1,000 policies a year, the worth of a policy being Rs 2 lakh on an average, and manages to generate a premium of Rs 200 crore for the corporation — the highest generated by any agent in India.

Ravi Jithani

It is glamorous to be a stock broker, but not an LIC agent. It was difficult to switch to insurance, but the stability made the sacrifice worthwhile. “I did not think it would become such a large piece of our business. The best part about the role is that it is like doing social service.

Rajesh Satoskar

I’ve been an Agent of The Life Insurance Corporation of India [LIC] for the last 29 years. Serving over 2000 valued customers, the majority of my clientele are High net-worth Individuals [HNI]. Out of the 14Lac agents all over India, I’ve consistently ranked in the Top 10 throughout his career in the business.